4 Most Popular Superheroes in Comics

Heroes and villains are the two main character types one would find in all the superhero comics. At the heart of every comic book about a superhero is the theme of good versus evil. It has been decades since the production of comic books began. They have created many superheroes who found a place in the hearts of comic book fans.

The charm of some among them faded away over the years. However, a few others were able to withstand the test of time. These are the superheroes that are still revered in the popular culture. Here are the most popular superheroes who continue to entertain their fans worldwide:

1. Superman

There are very few who possess the admirable qualities of Superman. He stands up for everything that’s right and is unwavering in his conviction. Superman is a perfect example of everything that’s good in this world. He also reminds you that good always prevails over evil.

This fascinating comic book character is certainly the most influential among all the superheroes. There’s hardly any place in the world where people don’t know who Superman is. The Superman fans know that as long as he’s there, the evil forces won’t rear their ugly heads.

2. Spider-Man

Spider-Man is the most important hero of Marvel. Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, this superhero is someone whom the readers can relate to. He faces the same mundane problems that the common people face. This is something extraordinary and is probably one of the biggest reasons behind Spider-Man’s success.

When he’s not in the superhero costume, he is Peter Parker, an orphan raised by his uncle and aunt. He is not born with spider-related abilities. He gets them owing to a bite that he gets from a radioactive spider.

3. Batman

From the fictional city of Gotham comes the most loved and respected superhero. This legendary character was the creation of writer Bill Finger and artist Bob Kane. Just like Superman, Batman pursues justice and fights the toughest guys for it. Despite this similarity, he’s quite different from Superman. He is not afraid to push the boundaries to ensure justice, while Superman goes ‘by the book’.

This would make everyone form certain opinions about Batman. What they must know is that this superhero does have a moral compass. He won’t go on killing those who come in the way of justice just to prove his point. When he’s not Batman, he is Bruce Wayne, a wealthy philanthropist and playboy.

4. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman entered the comic book landscape when it was dominated by the male superheroes. She went on to become the third of the ‘big three’ in DC Comics. Thus, she proved to the readers of comics all over the world that girls can be heroes too. This American comic book superheroine was the creation of artist Harry G Peter and writer William Moulton Marston.

The story of Wonder Woman’s origin relates that Queen Hippolyta, her mother, had sculpted her from clay. The Greek gods gifted Wonder Woman her superhuman powers. She has fought alongside Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, and a few other superheroes of DC Comics. While doing so, she proved that she’s more valuable among the lot.

4 Most Popular Superheroes in Comics

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