4 Best Online Slots Based on Comic Books

The comic book industry has been witnessing a rapid decline in the past few years. It began getting worse with the advent of COVID-19. Fearing the spread of this pandemic, many comic book shops had to close down. This almost had a crippling effect on the industry. While this was happening, the films and casino games themed on comics kept performing well.

Among the online casino games based on comics are slots. There are many gaming enthusiasts who love playing online slot games based on comic books or their famous characters. If you’re one of them, here are some of our best picks worth considering:

1. Wonder Woman

Movies made on this famous superheroine have grossed millions of dollars at the box offices worldwide. This is the kind of impact that the female comic book character has on millions of individuals. You might wonder how the online slot version of the character is performing. According to the reviews, the reaction of fans are rather mixed on the game’s quality. It has 30 paylines and 5 reels.

This game from Playtech has an RTP of 95.34%, which is quite impressive. Those who are against this online slot game are of the opinion that it’s too volatile. What this means is the online slot has a few winning rounds and times of no wins. In this game, the Wonder Woman logo acts as a wild. It replaces all the icons on the reels besides the scatter.

2. Tomb Raider

This online slot version of the Tomb Raider features Lara Croft as the best-paying symbol. Tomb Raider comes from the reputed provider of online gaming software, Microgaming. It has 5 reels and 15 paylines. You’ll have simple graphics in this game as it’s an online slot game from the early 2000s. This doesn’t mean that the game is bland. It takes you on an adventurous tour with Lara Croft.

Your goal in this game is to help her find the valuable items. This is made possible in exchange for free spins and wins of real money. Upon triggering the Lara Croft symbol on 3 reels you’re rewarded 10 free spins. Any win in the round would return 3x the amount of your bet. When you trigger the bonus feature, you’ll unlock 12 idols. You can win up to 2,500 bonus points if you trigger 5 idols on the reels.

3. Justice League

Yet another fantastic slot from Playtech, this game is themed on the comic book series of the same title. The series from DC Comics has a long history featuring Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and other popular superheroes. This online slot game features six of DC’s famous superheroes.

However, all of them are not equal. The Flash would help you unlock 15 free spins. You’ll get 12 free games from Cyborg while Wonder Woman gives you 7 spins. Superman and Batman would pay you 5 and 2. If you trigger the JL Symbol on 3 to 5 reels, you’ll earn free spins.

4. Judge Dredd

This game comes from Next-Gen and is based on the famous comic book character from 2000 AD comic magazine. In the comics, Dredd is a police officer from the futuristic city of Mega-City One. The online slot game will challenge you to help Judge Dredd solve crimes in the city.

You’ll need to place a bet of $0.25 to $50 to win real money. Through the 25 paylines of this online slot, you can also adjust your bet. In order to increase your chances of winning, experts suggest betting on as many paylines as you can.

4 Best Online Slots Based on Comic Books

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